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Classes from 1963, 1968, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, 2013 may be
planning reunions for 2018! Check our Class Info page!
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Fall. It is hard to believe this summer has gone by already. Certainly, as I write this, the summer heat has not left yet. The students are back in school - sort of. The past few days school has been cancelled due to classroom temperatures hovering near 100 degrees. In a world that is so accustomed to air conditioning, the students are not used to the heat like we were when I was a kid - when almost nobody had air conditioning (and yes, I had to walk a mile to and from school in the snow and it was uphill both ways). It is sort of like trying to add or multiply today without a calculator!

So, school is back in session. Fall sports are here. A new 8th grade class has started at each of the 3 high schools.

There is a Parma City School levy up for a vote in November. Regardless, of what side you are supporting, please exercise your right vote. Your vote in any election DOES matter.

For the Alumni Association, this is kind of a quiet time. Only a few things coming before the end of the year. At our next meeting on October 16th, we will have a first review of possible 2019 Hall of Fame candidates. We will review which graduating classes have made contact with us regarding intent to hold reunions in calendar 2019. Right after the Christmas holidays, we will receive student essays that are used to select scholarship winners. For the 2019 senior class, the Association has decided to reduce our scholarship offering from two awards of $750 each to only one award but in the amount of $1,000. This was change was necessary due to a lack of operating funds required to support two scholarships. We hope to reinstate a second award at some point in the future if we can financially support it. This will only be possible through active fundraising in the future.

With several graduating classes have had reunions during 2018, and more already being planned for 2019, it is sad how many graduates we have no current information about where they are, mailing addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. There are almost 30,000 former VF graduates and we have contact information for only about 1,700. If you are in contact with others in our Patriot family, please ask them to update their information through our website on the ”Class Information” tab. It only takes a few minutes to do. And be assured, your personal information is for alumni use only. We do not share this information with any outside entity. Many of our class members, especially those that graduated before the late ‘80's, may not even be aware that there is an Alumni Association! Please, help us in staying in contact with our fellow VF friends.

  • The Association is still looking for a new Vice-President (a board position)

  • The Association is still looking for Reunion Coordinator (a non-board position) This position does not plan individual class reunions. This position facilitates Association paperwork and procedures with each classes reunion committee. Requires only about an hour per month time commitment.

Please make contact by email to if you're interested in either of the 2 positions above.


Rick Meeks ‘73


Valley Forge High School Alumni Association

Rick Meeks '73
Valley Forge High School Alumni Association


Business Card ad free-of-charge to Valley Forge High School Alumni on a first come, first served basis. The VF Alumni Association is not connected to these advertisers nor endorses them.  

Please email to advertise your business.


Donate Your Old Yearbook to the Alumni Association

If you have yearbooks you no longer want, please consider donating them to our library.  We are trying to put together a second and possibly third set of Archives to be kept off-site for protection.

These are available for reference only in our office.
Call Linda at 216-225-0585 for more information.

The Wetlands Project

The Wetlands Project began with a discussion between the Association and Jim Wohl, Class of '66.

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Looking for Memorabilia!

The Alumni Association is always looking for VF memorabilia. We use them in displays and we make them available for your class to display at reunion time.

We can hold on to your class' memorabilia so it doesn't get lost in someone's attic or basement. We even have the very first Battlecry that was published in 1962.